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Newsletter  #36                                           December 2009





Stamps that ‘Hold their Value’


In recent times many collectors and dealers who had hoarded stocks of mint New Zealand stamps, have been using them up for postage.

This comes partly from the realisation that few are likely to increase in value and secondly from a fear that should NZPost ever be privatised (as governments threaten periodically),
a new owner might seek to ‘demonetise’ previous issues.


We commend NZPost’s introduction of the ‘KiwiStamp’ concept, an issue of stamps that have no inscribed denomination, but whose value will rise to meet whatever is the rate for a standard letter.  To send larger letters (or Fastpost) the sender simply affixes extra stamps.


It will be interesting to see if NZPost follows the Royal Mail’s example and extends the concept to commemorative issues.  In Britain, their equivalent of 50c and $1 stamps are just inscribed  2nd’ and ‘1st  (second class and first class).



Censorship is alive and well and exercised by New Zealand Post !


In September, the ‘Friends of Tibet’ in NZ issued two CALs to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against the occupying Chinese communist forces.

In October, we received reports of interference with overseas mail bearing these CALs – large Airmail stickers were placed over stamps and slogans.


At first, NZPost denied it, but after phonecalls and emails to General Manager Ivor Masters, a spokesman eventually admitted using the labels “because they had the potential to associate the New Zealand Post brand with a political cause.”


Editors comment ~

NZPost has not interfered with mail bearing CALs featuring Buddhist flags, Moslem messages or Quaker symbols, so why single out ones showing the Tibetan flag ?   Whatever political views one holds, we find NZPost’s actions disturbing - more the behaviour expected from the military regime in one of the pacific neighbours, that our government is so quick to condemn !

It would seem that having printed the CALs, NZPost subsequently reacted to pressure from sources sympathetic to the Chinese government.   But where might it end ?   Will Christmas stamps on mail addressed to Islamabad be covered up in case they cause offence ??


From the Membership Register


Welcome to 6 new members


Mrs O Coates   Whangarei                                  Mr N Macdonald   Hamilton

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Thanks to our Helpful Members ~

Our 120 most helpful members during 2009 will have received their lucky numbers for this year’s Christmas Lotto Draw, to be held on Saturday 26 December.

The winners will have the choice of a Lighthouse stockbook or an ACS catalogue.


Catalogue Corner

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The first edition of the catalogue from its new editor - David Holmes.

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Personal Notes


Text Box:  The year began on a high note, with David (and partner) winning the Agnes Dick Trophy in Christchurch.

The tournament (handicap doubles) which lasts for 5 days is one of Canterbury’s prestige croquet events.

David remembers being taken to watch the tournament being played when in his teens and being told by his grandmother “I hope you will take part one day”.

We plan to return to Christchurch next March, for David to defend the title – and Jan to have another go at it too.


Photo:  Richard Butler (partner), Jan, David’s aunt (a previous winner), brother and mother, David


As some members will be aware, David had a hip replacement at the end of July.

Whilst he was the epitome of a model patient, he thanks Jan for tending so well to his ‘demanding needs’.  He is now much more mobile, back to playing croquet (gently), but still coming to grips with the surgeon’s instruction “squash is no longer on the agenda”.


We did our best to keep stamp boxes circulating during this period, although there were fewer to some parts of the country than we would have wished.

The October newsletter remains unfinished, much of the material is “still in Dave’s head” !
Hopefully some will find its way to print early in 2010 and still be of interest.


Christmas Greetings and Best Wishes for 2010 to all our Members


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